When An Internet Shopper Flirts (With Your Dealership)

An online shopper has poked you.

What do you do?

First, remain calm so you don’t scare them off. They’re jumpy, and they startle easily.

They’re looking for an E-Commerce version of an effortless easy smile, so give it to them: a good clean quote that gives them the confidence in you to take the next step.

Don’t twitch, raise your eyebrows to feign interest, or worse, wink:  you’ll creep them out and they’ll buy a car from your competitor who gave them transparent quoting right off the bat.

The secret? Know that they’re serious. They’re flirting for marriage material, and they’ve gotten good at sniffing out the players.

Declare your honorable intentions out of the gate by quoting the right price promptly.

So when you make your proposal, they’ll say “I do” a heck of a lot more often.*


* Don’t worry about polygamous selling – they know you’re seeing other shoppers.



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