Just In Case The Internet Goes Away

What would we do with no electricity, and therefore no internet?

There’s a new TV program that shows an America that takes place 15 years after the lights went out. This means no internet, and no internet shoppers buying electric cars.

Consider how that would affect the car business. In this reality, the old school car guys would rise to power as the alpha dogs on the car lot once again, as long as the looters and zombies don’t get them first.

They wouldn’t have time to B.S. on the point about the good old days of going belly-to-belly with low-information tire kickers, because in the apocalypse the balance of power will be tipped in their favor.

They’ll be busy with “End of the World Blowout Special” events and “These Really Are The Last Cars on Earth” tent sales (although I don’t really see too many festive balloons in these scenarios).

As for those of us who learned to sell cars on the internet, the first stop for most car buyers these days?

Have no fear – it’s been said that Google has a plush, utopian underground cavern far beneath their headquarters in Northern California, a special refuge built just for their internet brethren. For those of you reading this, the password is: “Do no evil… we’re serious this time.”

But for the next ten years at least, the internet will rule, along with those of us who use it to sell cars.

Remember: if you must buy an electric car, make sure it’s a hybrid so the zombies can’t catch you.


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