You Are Welcome

I’ve noticed an uptick in subscribers who are not in the automotive sales industry, so I thought I’d write this post for them, explaining what we do:

Like this blog, SalesCatcher is a software tool that aids those folks at dealerships – usually called Internet Sales Managers (ISMs)– who respond to your request for a quote on the car you’re shopping for (nowadays, 90% of us go online first before buying).

How does SalesCatcher help you buy a car from them?

It allows the ISM to quickly find the lowest price on the car you want – complete with the picture, color and equipment you requested – and provide you a quote that clearly breaks down the pricing and dealer discounts so you can make an informed decision (as opposed to those robo-quotes with all the asterisks and little mention of the specific color or options you requested).

The bonus: SalesCatcher allows ISMs to do this by also searching other dealerships’ inventory and transmit that to you in seconds (we’re proud of this).

You’ve probably learned that not all dealerships are the same; that some seem to be more transparent in a way that helps you feel the trust you need to move forward.

We’re a bridge between you and them that makes the car buying process easier and less stressful… and now you know.


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