Thank You For Almost Buying A Car From Me, Part 1

“Usually when someone asks for a quote and then ignores my follow up emails, I assume they bought a car from another Internet Manager. Naturally, I take it like a pro and move on (after I send another dozen emails, of course).

“So when you responded to my survey (my 8th email to you), it gave me some much needed closure I didn’t know I craved. In fact, it made me feel much closer to you than most strokes,* and I felt like I could open up and share my side of the experience of our short but impactful business relationship.

“After all, you were brutally honest when you said I not only “played games” but also “ducked and dodged” when you asked for an Out-The-Door price**.  (The reason I “dodged” that one: I’m just really bad at math.)

“You said some other things that were a little more personal (regarding my picture: hey, the camera adds thirty pounds. Car sales can be very stressful).

“Sure, it’s been said that “the trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” But I embrace it. I know it’s good for me, like fiber. Mm-mm.

“In fact, let me return the favor and criticize you as a customer in return…”

(Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Thank You For Almost Buying A Car From Me”)

* A favorable term meaning “it’s been a great experience bending over backward to serve you”

** SalesCatcher has an OTD price option


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