What Do You Get When You Cross An Internet Manager…?

You’re familiar with hybrid vehicles.

Ever heard of a hybrid Car Guy or Gal?

They exist, and they’re usually quite powerful. You may even know one.

The dictionary says a hybrid is any offspring resulting from the mating of two genetically distinct individuals…

Not really applicable here.

A hybrid vehicle, according to Wikipedia, is one that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the engine.

Now we’re getting warmer.

Two powerful forces in the car business: Internet Managers and computer geeks.

So what do you get when you cross an Internet Manager with a computer geek?


He’s the Internet Manager who had a previous life as a software programmer (the hybrid) for Disney and other large corporations…

…and he saw a great need for speed (and style and overall quality) for internet quoting, so he created a program that would enable him to respond quickly and effortlessly to quote requests in a way that got maximum response.

He now calls it SalesCatcher and offers it on a small subscription basis to dealers nationwide (call 888-319-1276 to get it).

You can always tell when you’re using a program that was developed by a car person… and you can definitely tell when you’re not. Guess what Internet Managers say when they test-drive SalesCatcher?

And to come full circle, let me go ahead and answer the question: “What do you get when you cross an Internet Manager…?”

Answer: Don’t. Ever. Cross. An. Internet. Manager.


*Backward Viewed, Sale Car Manager’s Internet Typical A

If we reverse engineer a typical Internet Manager’s car sale, it could break down like this:

  • You can’t gross decent dollars if the customer isn’t buying you
  • The customer is more agreeable once they’ve gone for a test drive
  • They won’t go for a test drive unless you get them onto the lot
  • They won’t come to your dealership until you’ve earned their trust with a quick transparent quote
  • You can’t give them a quick transparent quote if you… aren’t quick and transparent

You pay to play with serious online shoppers, and the price is being (one of the very) first quotes that make sense – even though they ultimately buy a different car 70% of the time… which means the original quote is long forgotten.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

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* A Typical Internet Manager’s Car Sale, Viewed Backward

The Internet Manager “Test” – Part 2

More questions from The Official Internet Manager Test:

(Multiple choice)


A.  3

B.  30

C.  300 (what those automated quoters send out, for all we know)

D.  What’s reasonable

AUTOMATED QUOTERS, THE PRECURSOR TO SKYNET (the artificial intelligence in “The Terminator” that became self-aware and destroyed the Earth):

A.  Are a possible threat to national security (it starts with robo-quotes and robo-calls, then one day it’s robo-Armageddon)

B.  Are perfect if your clients are robots

C.  Are great if you typically hang a Gone Fishin’ sign on your door

D.  Are as charming and fun as an automated phone system – “Press 1 to feel like you have some sort of control of this interaction; press 2 if you fear your last communication on this Earth will be with an automated system…”


A.  The title: as awesome as I am, I do not manage the entire internet. That’s like calling the receptionist the Verizon Manager

B.  The online shopper: kinda get over yourself, okay? A little web surfing does not an expert make

C.  Nothing: it’s perfect in every way

D.  Nothing: it’s perfect in every way… except I could use a better chair, a new monitor,  a window, more third party leads, more respect, more bonuses, better coffee, a demo car, more pay, a better handset, more nights and weekends off, more catered lunches…


A.  I would try to be less of a perfectionist – it raises the bar too high and intimates my co-workers

B.  I would try not to think about how the dealership would fall apart without me

C.  I would take more time to stop and smell the money

D.  I would try to dim my light a bit, to let others shine around me

The Internet Manager “Test” – Part 1

See how well you score on The Official Internet Manager Test. Results are confidential. Don’t worry – like a lot of tests today, it doesn’t matter how you score, you’ll still get a medal. So let me just say in advance, good job!

(Multiple choice)


A.  It’s like a GPS – it helps me find the dealership every morning

B.  It’s a lost key finder – which is useless, because it’s always attached to my key ring

C.  When I need a less expensive option for a quote request

D.  It’s Match.com for amorous vehicles (why do Priuses always go for the bad-boy trucks?)


A.  “That much below invoice? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

B.  “Does that also come in ‘Low-Consumer-Reports-Score Blue?'”

C.  “How many more recalls are you anticipating with this hot rod?”

D.  “That’s the price for two, right?”


A.  That we’re here to save the dealership (actually, this is true, but we keep it quiet for morale’s sake)

B.  That we’re computer savvy (I probably am, but I’m not going to fix your PC)

C.  That we couldn’t do a walk-around to save our life (I will prove that I can, as soon as I find out what this is)

D.  That we get upset when we find out we lost a sale to that *#!% dealer across town (you know the one I mean…)

To be continued…

Top 8 Reasons You’re A Great Internet Manager

Top 8 Reasons You’re A Great Internet Manager:

8.  Your oddly hypnotic floating chat box

7.   Your “See, I’m a normal person just like you!” photo

6.  Under “Meet Our Team” you give more personal information than Facebook including your unpublished cell number

5.  You bring in donuts so maybe the point guy doesn’t skate you… again

4. When they ask for your dealer holdback, you easily respond with, “Tell me though, what else would hold you back if I gave you the absolute best price on a car today?”

3. You use SalesCatcher (come on, you knew this would be on the list)

2.  You’re (making coffee…) a (while dialing and…) great (scanning a lunch menu while…) multi (sending a quote and…) tasker (texting a friend about the weekend)

…and the NUMBER 1 reason you’re a great Internet Manager…

1.  You’re OCD, which is a great MO for a BDC ISM (and if you’re not OCD, then it STBY)

“Use Me, Play With Me,” The Best Emails Seem To Say

Can online car buying be interesting… or even fun? Should a quote do anything besides quote?

Does a bear quote in the woods? I don’t know, though I did hear of a raven who quoted…We already know we sell more cars to online shoppers who find our websites and emails sticky – the longer they linger, there’s a chance they’ll advance.

Then how do we get them to stick around that all-important email quote, so we can earn their business?

We make it easy and fun.

(The online shopper)

<CLICK>  I just changed the color of the car to red!*

<CLICK>  Now I changed it back to blue* – very cool!

<CLICK>  Here are some different choices of the same model*

<CLICK>  Now I’ve been taken to the dealer’s site* where I can build my own car

<CLICK>  A Text Box* so I can Instant Message the Internet Manager? Fascinating!

<CLICK>  A map to the dealership*  <CLICK>  A link to email*  <CLICK>  New and pre-owned inventory at this dealership  <CLICK>  A list of the top ten reasons I should shop here*…

Because the one with the “clicker” is the one in control… which is exactly how they want to feel.* Standard in SalesCatcher’s interactive quote emails

Remove This Article Of Clothing To Sell More Cars

As an Internet Manager, what article of clothing should you remove to sell more cars?

The same one your online customer does: shoes.

They’ve kicked them off in the comfort of their home to engage you in a car buying conversation…

…whereas you’re sitting in a business office, all laced up in sales-and-marketing mode. Shouldn’t you also remove your shoes, even just metaphorically?

Yes, because it’s easy to forget there’s a flesh and blood person on the other keyboard who wants another human to interact with. They’re looking for trust and realness, despite their own clipped queries like, “What’s your best price on a…?”

If you remember what it’s like sitting in the comfort of your home, you’ll probably identify with these online shoppers better and create trust, thereby selling more cars…

…because ironically, it puts you right in their shoes.