Remove This Article Of Clothing To Sell More Cars

As an Internet Manager, what article of clothing should you remove to sell more cars?

The same one your online customer does: shoes.

They’ve kicked them off in the comfort of their home to engage you in a car buying conversation…

…whereas you’re sitting in a business office, all laced up in sales-and-marketing mode. Shouldn’t you also remove your shoes, even just metaphorically?

Yes, because it’s easy to forget there’s a flesh and blood person on the other keyboard who wants another human to interact with. They’re looking for trust and realness, despite their own clipped queries like, “What’s your best price on a…?”

If you remember what it’s like sitting in the comfort of your home, you’ll probably identify with these online shoppers better and create trust, thereby selling more cars…

…because ironically, it puts you right in their shoes.


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