“Use Me, Play With Me,” The Best Emails Seem To Say

Can online car buying be interesting… or even fun? Should a quote do anything besides quote?

Does a bear quote in the woods? I don’t know, though I did hear of a raven who quoted…We already know we sell more cars to online shoppers who find our websites and emails sticky – the longer they linger, there’s a chance they’ll advance.

Then how do we get them to stick around that all-important email quote, so we can earn their business?

We make it easy and fun.

(The online shopper)

<CLICK>  I just changed the color of the car to red!*

<CLICK>  Now I changed it back to blue* – very cool!

<CLICK>  Here are some different choices of the same model*

<CLICK>  Now I’ve been taken to the dealer’s site* where I can build my own car

<CLICK>  A Text Box* so I can Instant Message the Internet Manager? Fascinating!

<CLICK>  A map to the dealership*  <CLICK>  A link to email*  <CLICK>  New and pre-owned inventory at this dealership  <CLICK>  A list of the top ten reasons I should shop here*…

Because the one with the “clicker” is the one in control… which is exactly how they want to feel.* Standard in SalesCatcher’s interactive quote emails


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