Top 8 Reasons You’re A Great Internet Manager

Top 8 Reasons You’re A Great Internet Manager:

8.  Your oddly hypnotic floating chat box

7.   Your “See, I’m a normal person just like you!” photo

6.  Under “Meet Our Team” you give more personal information than Facebook including your unpublished cell number

5.  You bring in donuts so maybe the point guy doesn’t skate you… again

4. When they ask for your dealer holdback, you easily respond with, “Tell me though, what else would hold you back if I gave you the absolute best price on a car today?”

3. You use SalesCatcher (come on, you knew this would be on the list)

2.  You’re (making coffee…) a (while dialing and…) great (scanning a lunch menu while…) multi (sending a quote and…) tasker (texting a friend about the weekend)

…and the NUMBER 1 reason you’re a great Internet Manager…

1.  You’re OCD, which is a great MO for a BDC ISM (and if you’re not OCD, then it STBY)


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