*Backward Viewed, Sale Car Manager’s Internet Typical A

If we reverse engineer a typical Internet Manager’s car sale, it could break down like this:

  • You can’t gross decent dollars if the customer isn’t buying you
  • The customer is more agreeable once they’ve gone for a test drive
  • They won’t go for a test drive unless you get them onto the lot
  • They won’t come to your dealership until you’ve earned their trust with a quick transparent quote
  • You can’t give them a quick transparent quote if you… aren’t quick and transparent

You pay to play with serious online shoppers, and the price is being (one of the very) first quotes that make sense – even though they ultimately buy a different car 70% of the time… which means the original quote is long forgotten.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

!yad eht ezeis oS

* A Typical Internet Manager’s Car Sale, Viewed Backward


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