What Do You Get When You Cross An Internet Manager…?

You’re familiar with hybrid vehicles.

Ever heard of a hybrid Car Guy or Gal?

They exist, and they’re usually quite powerful. You may even know one.

The dictionary says a hybrid is any offspring resulting from the mating of two genetically distinct individuals…

Not really applicable here.

A hybrid vehicle, according to Wikipedia, is one that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the engine.

Now we’re getting warmer.

Two powerful forces in the car business: Internet Managers and computer geeks.

So what do you get when you cross an Internet Manager with a computer geek?


He’s the Internet Manager who had a previous life as a software programmer (the hybrid) for Disney and other large corporations…

…and he saw a great need for speed (and style and overall quality) for internet quoting, so he created a program that would enable him to respond quickly and effortlessly to quote requests in a way that got maximum response.

He now calls it SalesCatcher and offers it on a small subscription basis to dealers nationwide (call 888-319-1276 to get it).

You can always tell when you’re using a program that was developed by a car person… and you can definitely tell when you’re not. Guess what Internet Managers say when they test-drive SalesCatcher?

And to come full circle, let me go ahead and answer the question: “What do you get when you cross an Internet Manager…?”

Answer: Don’t. Ever. Cross. An. Internet. Manager.


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