“You Have Something I Want”


“I want something that you have

And you want something I have, or you wouldn’t be reading this quote request


But let’s be frank – I can also get it from someone else, maybe even someone you know

No offense

So I will need your best price right here, right now

Just to get in the door with me


Chances are, I will give you what you want

If your first offer to me is at least… reasonable

Actually, better than reasonable

Close to rock bottomlowestpriceSorry if this seems cold

But I’m trying to protect myself from getting hammered


After all this rigermorole, will I end up buying something else?

I don’t think so… (but that’s because I don’t buy a car very often and am not aware that I probably will switch, but we’ll ignore this for now)


What’s your best offer on a ________?”




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