The Customer Code Has Been Cracked, Part 2


They say there is nothing new under the sun

And that nothing can surprise us anymore in this internet age of instant information

But information is not wisdom


“We are drowing in information, but starved for knowledge.”  – John Naisbilt

On the surface, wisdom can look banal, old-fashioned, cliche, and irrelvant to the instant gratification mindset we easily slip in and out of as easily as we move through a web browser


So the answer is to review the fundamentals of human interaction

But do it slower, deeper

And the same information we’ve passed over a thousand times

Will absorb meaningfully


A greater respect for our customer develops

(We will also have it for ourself)

That will better enable us to help them make the purchase they want to make

“Let the game come to you.”  – Phil Jackson


People around you won’t know why your numbers are going up

You could tell them, but they frequently won’t hear

Deeply enough

“Before enlightment, chop wood, carry water

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water”  – Zen saying


Trust that you have enough information

Allow it to seed, take root, and grow into wisdom

And the needle will move on its own

And yet, along the way, remember to never take yourself too seriously



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