Worst Joke Ever

0Why did the customer cross the road?

To buy a car from your competitor.you-think-youre-funny-but-youre-not


That’s not something to joke about.

You can tell me “your mama” jokes, make fun of my football team or even my bald spot

imagesCA1KTRRWBut I will never find a competitor joke funny unless it’s about ME taking deals from THEM.

Because that is hilarious.

Not hilarious ha-ha, but because it’s a relief from the stress.


I did all the right things, like responding to their quote request quickly; I put together a real quote using the locater to find the least expensive option that met their minimum requirements; I gave them a transparent pricing breakdown showing their discounts; I made sure it look better than my competitors; I worked hard on the follow-ups; I moved the needle in the right direction.

So the best answer to: Why did the customer cross the road?…

“Because he was coming to buy a car from me.”

Success1Were you expecting a twist ending?



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