Help Me, Don’t Sell Me


I’ve come across someone recently who said with great distaste, “I could never do sales.”

When I questioned his hostility towards the world’s oldest profession* he quickly backed off, shooting out compliments for a particularly skilled salesperson he knew who could “sell ice to an eskimo, sell wood to a forest, sell religion to the Pope,” etc.


But the compliments were insincere, of course. What he really meant was they were “as slick as snot on a doorknob.”

He thinks you have to lie or defraud someone to get a sale, and believes that’s what all salesmen do.


Maybe some do, but the rest of us have figured out it’s better to help people buy what they want then to try to “sell them.”

We know this, and forget it sometimes when we’re “pumped to sell.” Being “pumped to help” doesn’t sound as sexy, but it could actually, well, help.


Make it easy for them. You can even make it look easy when you’re in that helping flow. Who says you can’t find grace in your work?

feature_grandiva7* What some people think is the world’s oldest profession is still about sales.


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