Know Your Customer, or Your Customer Will “No” You

x3zw53I know my customer.

They’re frequently a one-legger, meaning they need another person to jointly make the decision, even if they called me first.

It’s the nature of the beast in my biz.

5276039Let me be clear: SalesCatcher is like a drug, so we don’t mind giving some out for free because they never want to give it up (which is why we have a 95% retention rate with dealers. Commercial over).

So how do I proceed? It depends who calls me first, the GM or the Internet Manager.

Now even with a free trial, a GM wants to make sure his Internet Manager buys in first, which means showing him or her a demo.


Even though it’s only about $14/day, and Internet Manager or Director calling me means he has no power to sign that $14/day check, so he has to chase down his GM who’s usually so busy they don’t want to look at a demo. UNLESS…

Unless… I can get them to take a look at all the online sales they’re losing to their competitors because they’re making common but significant mistakes in their quotes.

Imagine a scoreboard over the dealership that shows how many online shoppers you’re selling to, and how many you’re losing to your competitors.

dealership_thumbIs the scoreboard really there? No. Are they losing sales? Yes, if they are ignoring what NADA and Ford research has discovered about online shoppers, or if they don’t believe SalesCatcher dealers who will gladly tell you how their sales jumped when they added SalesCatcher to their CRM.

Commercial truly over.




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