Which Internet Managers Are Lazy?


I’d be lazy about running locates too if it took me 20-30 minutes* to put together a decent quote!

The heck with that, I’d just quote a car on my lot, even if it had an option package that raised the price $1200 over what my competitors will quote – you can’t win them all, right?


And I certainly don’t want to think about the fact that the shopper might have ultimately bought my car with the option package if I could have just gotten them on my lot.

Because it’s just too much trouble to cobble together a quote.


I’m not an HTML expert.

A lot of my photos have too many bytes** and get stuck in spam – what am I supposed to do about that?


If I only had a TOOL that could just GLANCE at an invoice and IMMEDIATELY transform it into a handsome-looking quote in two seconds flat!* THEN you could call me lazy!***

* SalesCatcher’s proprietary software takes 5 seconds to create a quote from an invoice just by using “Copy and Paste.”

** SC’s “On-the-Fly” Image Resizing feature ensures bytes are reduced. Many dealers therefore use SC to create their email blasts as well.

*** Most Internet Managers are not lazy, they just don’t know how easy quoting can be with SalesCatcher, especially with locates.



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