Welcome to SalesCatcher

SalesCatcher: The Best Auto Quoting Tool


The Automotive Add-On That Increases Lead Response and Auto Sales

As the best internet Customer Capture app available, SalesCatcher gets more buyers on your lot as a result of the right quote in the online buyer’s inbox in record time.

What is the right quote?

  1. It’s quick – even from your locator, you can assemble a full quote in 45 seconds
  2. It’s transparent – the price is free of asterisks / the rebates and discounts are all broken down
  3. It’s what they asked for – the exact options and color, for ex., are all displayed
  4. It actually arrives in their inbox – our HTML is hand-coded, and our software allows your large-file pictures to be re-sized appropriately
  5. Disarming email format – the transparent pricing is up top, viewable in many inboxes before it’s even opened
  6. More options – SalesCatcher is the only application on the market that will cut and paste your invoice right into the quote, pulling all equipment, options, photos, etc., into a professionally formatted email
  7. You’re in control – no more robotic automated responses or cookie cutter quotes

The end result: increasing your favor over the competition.

Did we mention that it plays friendly with your current CRM and DMS systems, keeping training and integration costs down?

Call us now for a free demonstration at 888.319.1276 and start turning more internet hits into sales this afternoon.


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