You Just Got Better Looking


Your photo on the quote puts the online car shopper at ease by putting a (friendly) face to the car buying process.

It helps them find you on the lot so they don’t “accidentally” buy a car from one of your co-workers.

Now your photo is much clearer on SalesCatcher quotes, and yet it’s still able to get through spam filters (along with the photos of the car we include).

Which will help you sell more cars, making you better looking to your boss.

baby smilingKeep smiling.


Introducing OptimalQuote, by SalesCatcher

iStock_000005754119SmallTime for an upgrade?

SalesCatcher + Chrome Data = OptimalQuote

What’s added? Best Cash Offers, Best Finance Offers, Incentive Lists and Targeted Programs appear automatically on the SalesCatcher quote.


What else? A Full Virtual Window Sticker with the standard and optional equipment that’s VIN-Specific.

All to turn more casual shoppers into qualified leads.

Which will cause more victory dances at your dealership.


Call Scott at 714-912-9714  to make it happen (call before 11/13/13 for a special introductory offer) and let us help you achieve your sales goals so you can be this guy:


…metaphorically speaking.


You Know What They Say About…


First order of business: here’s the video proof of the elusive 3-second quote:

If you read the post about how one of the biggest auto groups in the, ahem, nation told me they were trying to come up with their own version of the SalesCatcher quoting tool…

…you’d probably think it’s too expensive for you (nope, it’s priced for the little guy)

…you probably assumed there’s a long term contract (nope, none)


…you probably thought we wouldn’t have a 14 day free trial (yes, we want you to take it for 14 days because we know it only takes a day or two to get addicted to it – that’s why we don’t need no stinking contracts)the_know_it_all_boggle

…you probably think there’s no way our 2-minute demo could surprise you with something new (the Taylor Method has transformed quoting like Google transformed search, and yes, you have to see it to believe it)

…you probably should at least SEE what the **** SalesCatcher does, if not just to find out what one of the nation’s biggest auto groups is spending untold $$ and scrambling to catch up to us (what did you assume **** meant? Heck, thank you)


714-912-9714 is how to reach us.

General Manager Quote of the Week


A General Manager asked if he could reschedule our six-minute demo for next week, because he was just buried.

“No problem,” I said.


He explained there was a managment shakeup of huge proportions and that his main task right now was “salvaging soldiers.”

A noble task indeed.



The Other Dodge


Quote requests from online shoppers are common enough, but have you heard of a “No-Quote Request?”

That’s when a salesperson responds… with NO QUOTE!

In other words: Ask, and you shall not receive.

Really?! Who still does this in 2013 when we all go online first to buy anything?


True story: some dealers believe they can get more business by dodging shopper’s quote requests.

iphone shopper scanning

They don’t think shoppers know they’re getting the runaround when the salesperson answers with: “Well, before I can get you a price, I need to get some more blah blah information…”

What the shopper hears is something like, “Say there, pardner! What’s an attractive and smart person like you wanting a price fer? Dontcha know that’s a bad idea?! Well sure! Now that I’ve set you straight, why don’t you come on down and we’ll see if we can’t rustle up some of that new car smell for ya! <wink>”


OR they’ll try to slide this one by: an AUTOMATED response that tries SO HARD to sound human. “Here is your price!* It’s not the actual price* because I’m a machine that’s trying not to get my dealer sued. I can’t verify reality or any real* information. Just a range* at best. Also, if you included a color preference or trim request, I couldn’t identify that information and skipped it.” A rude near-human, is more like it.

In-The-Market-Shoppers see right through these dodges, like it was an email from a “prince” who needs money deposited into a bank account right away so you can share millions with him later.


Move these quote requests forward and get more buyers on your lot today with SalesCatcher. The test drive is free, and the low month-to-month will make you smile. 888-319-1276


We Got Rated


An actual email we received today from one of our GM’s:


My guys seem to be using the system more all the time. Is there a report somewhere I can run to view utlization by salesperson? Or can you run one and send it to me?

Also we added 3 new salespeople. I need (login) ID’s for _____, _______, and ________.”

(Of course, we showed them where the report could be found on the SalesCatcher menu bar, under Miscellaneous.)

girl jumping

Okay, maybe we felt more like this:



Which Internet Managers Are Lazy?


I’d be lazy about running locates too if it took me 20-30 minutes* to put together a decent quote!

The heck with that, I’d just quote a car on my lot, even if it had an option package that raised the price $1200 over what my competitors will quote – you can’t win them all, right?


And I certainly don’t want to think about the fact that the shopper might have ultimately bought my car with the option package if I could have just gotten them on my lot.

Because it’s just too much trouble to cobble together a quote.


I’m not an HTML expert.

A lot of my photos have too many bytes** and get stuck in spam – what am I supposed to do about that?


If I only had a TOOL that could just GLANCE at an invoice and IMMEDIATELY transform it into a handsome-looking quote in two seconds flat!* THEN you could call me lazy!***

* SalesCatcher’s proprietary software takes 5 seconds to create a quote from an invoice just by using “Copy and Paste.”

** SC’s “On-the-Fly” Image Resizing feature ensures bytes are reduced. Many dealers therefore use SC to create their email blasts as well.

*** Most Internet Managers are not lazy, they just don’t know how easy quoting can be with SalesCatcher, especially with locates.